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January 9th at 6:57am

Blog Post #1 1/9/2014

1/9/2014 Blog Post #1

Hello Everyone,

The New Year brought with it some big changes in my life. After six months post-NCAAs spent focused on coaching, travel, writing and graduate school, I’ve decided to start competing again. And in light of my passion for writing, I’m recording this new adventure in my life by blogging about whatever fate has in store for me this year.

My first tournament is the Cerro Pelado International on February 11 in Havana. Not only am I stoked for my first international competition on the senior level, but also for the chance to travel to Havana. Since NCAAs I’ve made my way with family and friends around the coast of Spain and Portugal, through the beautiful land of Namibia, Africa, and the over the Mediterranean Sea. Traveling has opened my eyes to other ways of life, and I cannot wait to see Cuba. It seems like in the US there is no such community that is as tight-night and hospitable as the wrestling community, and I hope this is true abroad. I’m not only excited to test my skills against some of the best competitors in the world, but also eager to learn and cultivate relationships with some of these talented men. I’m always interested in learning from others, and this will be a great opportunity to do so.

I’ll be competing with the support of my dual clubs and long time associates: Wrestling Prep close to my roots in California, and the Chicago RTC/Wildcat Wrestling Club at Northwestern University. These are two places that I love and continue to be involved with as a coach and an athlete.

If you’re interested in making a donation to get me to Cuba (and a tax write off for yourself) please contact Wrestling Prep via Carolyn Wester (650-245-3533) carolyn@wrestlingprep.com or the Chicago RTC via Andrew Pariano (847-293-9237) a-pariano@northwestern.edu.

Thanks for reading,


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